Sun Conure Parrots – Analyzing the Exotic Sun Conure Parrot

If you look in a book of birds it’s amazing at how many beautiful birds there are. There are small birds, ones that are great pets and ones that are just breathtaking. When you’re flipping through there and find the parrots, one that will catch your eye is the sun conure parrot. These parrots are a lot smaller than the large sun conures blue or green macaws but are just as beautiful. If you want a parrot but don’t want something too big or too expensive, a sun conure parrot might be the bird for you.

The sun conure parrots can be found all over the world in pet stores, but to find them in their natural habitat you would need to travel to Central and South america, Mexico or even into the To the west Indies. This is where these parrots are now living in large flocks of up to twenty or more birds all year round, even during mating season. When you see a large flock of conure parrots flying overhead towards the horizon they look like a beautiful sunset themselves. Actually that is how they got their name. The bright iridescent colors of orange, red, yellow and green that cover their bodies are the same colors that you would experience when watching a beautiful sunset over the horizon. When a sun conure parrot is young there are far more green feathers that cover their bodies than anything. It isn’t until they reach approximately six to eight months of age that they start to understand molt and acquire the vibrant adult colors.

One of the noticeable differences between a conure and some of other parrots is that they don’t have a very good large speech capability. Their voices are far more screechy and birdlike than many of the other parrots. Now don’t think that the sun conure parrots don’t like to entertain you with sound though. They love to simulate noises such a doorbell or microwave. These parrots are able to learn some language, just not very much and the voice that they possess isn’t one that most want to listen to. Like I said, the sun conure parrots have a very good screechy voice which they love to use to let you know what they’re thinking. If your sun conure is happy, it’ll screech to let you know. Unfortunately it will also screech if it is insane, irked, bored or just trying to tell you good morning. For this reason a a conure might not be the best pet for someone who lives close to people that don’t like to hear birds.

A sun conure parrot would be a wonderful bird to own because they do really love to be around people. Some parrots are just as content to be alone or with another parrot but the sun conure parrots love human companionship. Their time is about twenty-five to thirty years if taken care of properly and so could be a good pet to have for many years.

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